Customary First Post

Last year, I went to @SBSTechFest 13′ and my mind was blown by Todd Nesloney (@TechNinjaTodd). I spent the year opening Twitter and reading through content for a while and then slowly the content in my feed started to change to weirdness. After months of being confused as to how to tame my Twitter feed, I kind of gave up. Then at some point in time (a lot longer than I would like to admit), I realized that my account was hacked and I was now following over 2000+ people that spoke languages I don’t speak and were twitting about topics I really didn’t care about. I got smart and took matters back into my hands, changed my password and then unfollowed and in many cases blocked 99% of the people that I (who ever hacked my account) decided to follow. It probably would have been easier to delete and start a new, but I really liked my Twitter Handle, it was simplistic, fit me, and I’m stubborn and wanted to keep it.

Once I reclaimed my Twitter feed, I began to lurk on several different #edchats and even put in my two sense a couple of times. It was fun and intimidating all at the same time. I was (and am) so impressed by the thoughts being thrown out there and the people that are talking (educator giants I’m telling you!) that I kept thinking, how am I going to possibly contribute to this conversation. So, I lurked.

@SBSTechFest 14′ came around and I was excited to attend. This conference excited me last year and I was amped to get to go again. I enjoyed many session, but for me, the take away was not as much of an impact as it was last year, but I still came away with a lot. In particular, I was encouraged by Nancy Wahl (@WahlWords) and Justin Smith (@TXJustinSmith) to get back on Twitter.

So I did. That night.

I actually got on and participated. And you know what? It was fun. I don’t know when or why I got over the intimidation factor. I participated in two chats simultaneously (#DigCit and #EdTechBridge) thanks to Nancy and Justin showing me the wonders of TweetDeck and I really look forward to participating next week.

My hope is to use this blog space to prepare for the next weeks #Edchats so that I can share my thoughts in more than 144 characters and to actually be someone who creates and shares content from now on, not just lurks.

To all of you (us) lurkers, continue to lurk and learn, but don’t be afraid to speak up at some point. Your voice deserves to be heard too.


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